Sunday, March 18, 2012

Life At VIT, Vellore | Fun, Festivals, Food ,Social and Academic Life in college

Life At VIT, Vellore

This post is a catalog of posts in my friend's blog. There is something called FEP (Faculty empowerment program) in Vellore Institute of Technology. Teachers under this program have special powers and they can teach subject in flexible way. Such teachers may or may not conduct exams. They usually give projects to their students and marks are given based on project. My friend had FEP course for English For Engineers Subject. He was asked to make a blog as a project work. I am posting links to his blog posts. I guess these posts will be useful for thousands of students who give VITEEE and surf net to know about the knowledge. Please feel free to post comments on the blog and post you feedback regarding VIT.

Check out :-

[Update 31- March 2012]
I recently read blog posts made my friends in their blog. I felt as if they were more like home work (actually they are supposed to be assignment only). They are good. I am not saying that information is not correct but I would like to make some additional points in my way. The guys who wrote those posts wrote it for their teachers [although I had told them that I will link their posts at my blog before they started writing]
So here in this post I have given some extra info about VIT in blogger style for those who plan to join the college.


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